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Therapeutic Yoga & Mindfulness

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  • Summer School Yoga: Easton/Bethlehem/Allentown Schools
  • After-school Yoga: Easton/Bethlehem/Allentown Schools
  • In-school Mindfulness with teacher and class:
    Shanthi Project offers a 16-session mindfulness-in-the-classroom program designed for elementary, middle, and high school students and their teacher(s). The class meets once or twice a week for 20 minutes and combines simple movement with awareness of the breath, and exercises that hone focus and help with concentration. Mindfulness trains our brain to notice or pay attention. Specifically, we notice our body, emotions, and thinking, to pay attention fully to our experiences so that we learn to respond, instead of react to life’s challenges. Through mindfulness, students also learn to verbalize basic needs (hunger/thirst, fatigue, anxiety, etc.) instead of acting out. Mindfulness is accessible to everyone, including special needs children. Mindfulness training has shown to increase self-control and resilience and lower test anxiety, increase grades/test scores, and decrease stress and disciplinary actions. Teachers also report better classroom dynamics and feeling less stressed themselves.


  • Yoga/mindfulness: Children’s Home Easton
  • Summer camp yoga: Spring Garden Children’s Center
  • After-school & Summer Camp yoga classes: Boys & Girls Club Easton
  • After-care yoga/mindfulness: Third Street Alliance
  • After-school & Summer Camp yoga: Easton Area Community Center



  • Weekly therapeutic yoga/mindfulness in all four 12-bed treatment pods


  • Twice weekly yoga: Northampton County Prison (men/women)
  • Twice weekly mindfulness: Northampton County Prison (women)



  • Weekly yoga: Bangor Drop-in Recovery Center
  • Weekly yoga/mindfulness: Easton Recovery Center/Safe Harbor


Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in therapeutic yoga

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