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TraumaTrainingTrauma-Informed Training

Expand your knowledge of various causes and symptoms of trauma and learn how to incorporate trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness techniques into your practice. The course is based on the neurobiology of trauma, yogic exercises that speak to post-trauma syndrome, and current neurobehavioral research. Open to anyone interested in learning how to incorporate a trauma-sensitive format into yoga classes, social work, or classroom management. Participants are eligible for 14 continuing education credit hours from Yoga Alliance and/or National Association of Social Workers (NASW) upon course completion. The fee for this workshop is $300.00.  Please contact Denise Veres at denise@shanthiproject.org for registration information.

In-Service Classroom Teacher Training in Mindfulness Practices

Shanthi Project conducts half-day/3 hour teacher in-service programs where simple mindfulness techniques for the classroom are introduced, in addition to mindful in-class conflict resolution, non-violent communication, and teacher self-care tips.

Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in therapeutic yoga

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